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Drama in Loksabha and Telangana state creation

drama in lok sabha

New Delhi, February 19, Rimo Bose: In the thick of the Lok Sabha election the Telangana bill has been passed by the Lok Sabha by the intense effort of the congress MPs. This decision was accompanied by the bedlam caused by the agitated MPs and strange blackout of television during the procedure of the passing of the bill.

Coincidently, the movement of the bill at the Rajya sabha was backed by the BJP’s effort that enabled to cross some hurdles and caused impression in favor of the passage for the bill. The approval will be conferred by the parliament for the declaration of Telangana as a free 29th state under the union.

Although now it’s time to relish the decision for the supporters of this bill but the 90 minutes censorship of the debate that led to this decision is being termed as a show of “undemocratic” mannerism.

The movement for a free statehood for Telagana has been for 6 decades but the demise of CM Y S Rajasekhara has infused the tension of defeat in the party head’s who then had to modify their strategy for seeking Telagana as a separate state.

Although, the support for Telagana by the BJP did extinguish the hopes of the Telagana bill opponents initially but now that the bill is passed with the support of the congress it can be said that the party is trying to win over the lost fort. And the party is trying sway the 17 seats towards itself.

Lastly, after all sort of debate and humdrum the bill passed brought lot of enjoyment the MPs were found to bhangra and praising and thanking Sonia and her government. This decision is expected to add fuel to the battle existing between Congress and BJP.

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