Lok Sabha: Anna Hazare supports Bengal’s CM


New Delhi, February 19, Rimo Bose: After the open declaration of going for Lok Sabha battle nationwide by Mamata Banerjee the CM of Bengal has now got a position of fulcrum from Anna Hazare crusader against corruption.

The recent parlay between Anna Hazare and Mamata Banerjee that took place in Delhi has made the air clear of the alliance between both of them. The campaign which is named as “Fight for India” is being made to focus on the needs of our country. Anna Hazare mentioned that he has got no feedback from the parties except from TMC regarding his 17 agenda charter.

Ralegan Siddhi the location of the meeting that extended for more than an hour between Mukul Roy the General Secretary of TMC and Anna Hazare has brought out lot of praises for the Bengal’s CM. Anna Hazare has admitted to campaign in support of Mamata Bannerjee.

The final word of backing came this Wednesday where Anna hazare has said “Mamata Banerjee is a down to earth leader someone who wears traditional wear doesn’t use official cars and understands the real need of the nation. We need a Prime Minister like her.”

In return to so much of praises and appraisal it has been reported that Banerjee said that she would quit from being a PM if she could not live up to the charter formulated by Hazare, if she becomes the PM.

It is being said that the campaign would like to make mobile phones as one of its tools to disseminate the views and information and to encourage the youth section of the voters that amounts to 65%. This effort is soon to be commenced.