Turkish protesters break into Egyptian consulate in Istanbul

Istanbul, April 29, 2014, IANS: Some Turkish demonstrators broke into the Egyptian consulate in Istanbul Monday night when hundreds of them were protesting against an Egyptian court’s earlier decision to sentence some 683 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death.

Turkish protesters break into Egyptian consulate in Istanbul


Over 1,000 demonstrators staged protests in the front of the consulate. Five of them climbed on the wall of the building and two jumped into the consulate yard. They were detained by security guards, Xinhua quoted a witness as saying.

Some other protesters threw stones into the consulate, while the Turkish police did not make any intervention, according to the witness.

The protest was organised by the Platform of Solidarity, consisting of Egyptian people and numerous Turkish non- governmental organisations.

Earlier in the day, an Egyptian court sentenced 683 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, including its top leader Mohamed Badie, to death over assaulting and murdering police at Al-Adwa town in the Upper Egyptian province of Minya last year.