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Abdullah’s family communalised J&K, land of Sufism and harmony: Modi

New Delhi, 28 April-2014(Indielns Web team): Speaking to a TV channel, the BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi gave a befitting answer to the irresponsible statements by Union Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who had remarked that those who vote for Shri Modi should drown in the sea. Dr. Abdullah’s recent statements were hilarious. He showcased his ignorance & tried to hide how his family ruined J&K.

Abdullah’s family communalised J&K, land of Sufism and harmony:Modi

Abdullah's family communalised J&K, land of Sufism and harmony

Dr. Abdullah, in the history of our glorious culture, if there is someone who has done most harm to secularism it is you and your family. Just for the sake of politics, Dr. Abdullah’s family communalised J&K, which is a land of Sufism and harmony.

“We are secular not because the word was added in our Constitution. Secularism is in our blood. We believe in Sarva Pantha Sambhava.”

Saffron PM Candidate Narendra Modi describes his views on Secularism

Due to communal politics of Abdullah family, Kashmiri Pandits were removed from their homes only due to their religion. Is this secularism? Instead of telling those voting for Modi to drown, Dr. Abdullah should look at himself & his family in the mirror & see how they ruined J&K.
Our path is the path of good governance & development. Irresponsible statements by the likes of Dr. Abdullah can not derail India’s mission.
Blaming Dr. Abdullah’s family for communalizing politics of Kashmir, Shri Modi said, “In our culture of thousands of years, the biggest harm on secular fabric done anywhere is done in J&K and it is done due to politics of your father, yourself and your son. It is due to your politics and politics of your son. Kashmir is the only land from where Pandits were removed solely for their religion. The land of Sufism and harmony has been made communal due to your politics. You talk of drowning those who vote for Modi but you have committed sin of making Kashmir communal. Such words do not suit you. And if someone has to drown please look in the mirror and see who should drown. How can those who removed Kashmiri Pandits talk of secularism. You cannot insult our values and culture like this.” [ Input source: narendramodi.in/Youtube.com]