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Baby elephant rescued from hole

 Baby elephant rescued from hole

Goalpara, February 18, Jasmine Ahmed: A baby elephant has been recovered after losing balance from a railway hill and getting captured in break field. The accident appeared near a railway path in Assam, Goalpara district. A cursory train blocked and passengers rushed to help the baby elephant out of the situation. Even if the baby elephant was afraid by its drop, it had not injured itself, and was following support to safety. Accidents with elephants are not abnormal in India.

Last year in November, seven members of a 40-able brood were killed after a train run upon them at 80km/h. That left one elephant injured on a railway bridge, occurred near Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal in Goalpara.


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  1. Is there any evidence at all that this baby was actually rescued? I’ve found nothing in any ‘news’ report. No photos, no details of the rescue or who actually got the elephant out. What happened to the baby and it’s herd? Where was the herd during the rescue? I know one thing for sure, a mother elephant won’t just leave her baby, the herd must have been around and yet there are no photos. Did the person taking the original photos become so enamoured with the rescue he or she forgot to keep snapping? This all seems very strange.