Saffron Leader Uma Bharti equates Congress to prostitutes preaching morality

Jhansi, 27 April-2014, Haidar Naqvi (PTI/HT): Saffron BJP leader Uma Bharti is contesting the Jhansi seat, which has complex caste equations and unending issues. Making her the Bundelkhand mascot, the BJP hopes to tap the elusive backward votes that once was its political spine in the region. She spoke to HT while covering the nooks and crannies of her constituency.

Saffron Leader Uma Bharti equates Congress to prostitutes preaching morality

Saffron Leader Uma Bharti equates Congress to prostitutes preaching morality

What is the one national issue, you think of, is dominating this elections?

Insecurity. People felt it in every sphere of life. The general, and very strong feeling, is that there is none to take care of the country. It coincided with the rise of Narendra Modi as a champion of development. Time, situation and space created a leadership. People now have a strong urge to have someone like him.

You said Robert Vadra will be sent to jail? Priyanka Gandhi responded she was saddened by the slight?

I wasn’t alone in saying this. Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh, Arvind Kejriwal all have said that. Priyanka Gandhi to me is the mere ‘gharwali’ (wife) of Robert Vadra. Her husband is not the son-in-law of the nation or Constitution. If someone has committed a crime, he will go to jail. Ahilyabai Holkar, a Maratha queen, had her corrupt son-in-law crushed under the feet of an elephant. Priyanka singled me out in her jibe. It was hurting and a cheap remark.

Opponents say the party veterans are being marginalised by Narendra Modi and BJP is becoming one-man party?

(LK) Advaniji is the most respected leader so are the other leaders. Narendra Modi openly said in Gandhi Nagar that Advaniji should win each and every booth. It was respect. How could Congress take a moral high ground? Rajeev Gandhi in 1984 had compared the party old-guards with leeches. It is like prostitutes are preaching morality.

You do not touch Ram Temple issue in Bundelkhand where people still associate you with but development?

I’ve been talking about development for long; you people (media) was never interested. The high court order has, however, validated our movement giving a clear verdict that the the middle part belongs to Ram Lalla. That philosophy stands vindicated. Our work for Ram Temple is finished. In name of issue that is left is construction of temple.

Why Bundelkhand, a land of warrior, has weakened to core?

Caste politics, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati have played their part in the region. They have their own formula—one is their vote, another the candidate’s caste and the last, the Muslims. They field their candidate on these lines. When they have the key to winning why should they care for development? It is reality of Bundelkhand.