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I liked Deepika Padukone very much: John Travolta

28 April 2014, DNA: He came. He saw. He conquered. John Travolta walked into the Hilton conference room and won over the entire media with his easy charm and down-to-earth manner. He connected with Indian actors at the 15th IIFA awards at Tampa Bay, and was honoured with an award at the grand finale. Here he talks about all things Bollywood. Read on…

I liked Deepika Padukone very much: John Travolta


Have you watched Bollywood films?

Yes, I have seen several films like Lagaan, 3 Idiots, Slumdog Milionaire, Krrish 3 and the latest film that I saw was Ram Leela which was the first Bollywood musical that I saw. Bollywood musicals are better than Hollywood ones. Today musicals are sporadic in Hollywood. They used to be much more in the 50s and 60s. Bollywood musicals can certainly influence Hollywood ones. I loved all the films. I was like wow! It’s amazing! I find Indian films very original with an energy and life to them that captures your attention and has different universal themes. I am a big fan of Bollywood films.

Would you do a Bollywood film if offered?

Yes, in fact I have been offered Shekha Kapur’s Paani and am considering doing it. I find certain differences between Hollywood and Bollywood films. In Bollywood cinema, I find a certain unabashed confidence and communications, there are no inhibitions while doing a film and they are emotionally naked, while Hollywood films we are more aware and conscious of what we are trying to do.

Will you be dancing in it?

(Laughs) In fact Shekhar asked me if he should put a musical number in it. I identify with the songs and dances in Bollywood films more than I do with other films because I love dancing. Music is a part of my life and soul.

Which Bollywood directors does you like?

I like Shekhar Kapur and Aamir Khan. I met him when I was in Mumbai five years ago.

Which Bollywood actress does he like the most?

I just saw Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela and I loved her in it!

How did you find Mumbai?

I loved the city! I would love to go to India again and I may go this year during fall if I do Paani. In fact I am an aviator and the last time I was in Mumbai I did the airplane take off. I was almost shaking because there were so many houses and I was apprehensive that I may hit them. We were going to Moscow and it was fully loaded and I used up the entire runway. I flew over Mumbai and it was a very exciting take off.

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