HAIV loaded with nuclear bombs can destroy asteroids in space


New York, February 17, Sandipan Sharma: Space rocks that represent a risk to Earth might be wrecked in space utilizing an atomic shell, even with cautioning times of a week or less, researchers say. The HAIV (Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle) might meet with a space rock in profound space, then send a motor impactor barreling into the article to impact out a cavity, scientists said.

Unearthing a pit for the shell might build its dangerous power by a variable of 20, Wie said on February 6 at the 2014 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) meeting at Stanford University.

A portion of the ensuing space rock pieces may at present effect Earth, contingent upon how far from our planet the blast happened. Yet the impacts are liable to be insignificant, Wie said.

Case in point, a 1,000-all inclusive space rock could be neutralized far outside Earth’s gravitational field with a cautioning time of only 30 days, as per Wie.

Workstation reenactments infer that not exactly 0.1 for every penny of the crushed article’s mass would in the end strike our planet.

Wie and his group propose that the HAIV thought be coupled with a space rock cautioning framework, for example, the Asteroid Terrestrial-effect Last Alert System (ATLAS), a study exertion being headed by the University of Hawaii with USD 5 million in NASA subsidizing.