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5 things you should do to make Assam a better place

Prangan Duarah: There are only a few days left before the end of this year. But we have been facing a lot of problems for a long time. We all know that these problems need to be fixed but most of us never try to solve these problems. We only complain about them, blame the government and the system, and finish off saying the situation is unfixable. But these discussions, blaming others are not going to work. It’s our responsibility to make our Assam better. We should not only expect from the government or other real/fake leaders to solve our problem. These are our problems, they are harming us. How about try to do a little bit to end our problem? How about doing something for the betterment of our state?

Let’s join hands to make our Assam a better place to live.

  1. Say “No” to Assam Bandhas.

The people of Assam are so much used to this word called “Assam Bandha” because in every month the people of Assam get 5-10 days of extra holidays in at least in some areas of the state. I don’t understand why different groups call Assam Bandhas, even they know that they are not going to achieve anything from these bandhas. People of Assam became helpless when any group call bandhas because they take laws into their hands and they don’t broader to destroy others property. These bandhas are mostly successful not because of fear not because of support of the public. Everyone suffers but yet this culture continues. Let’s stand together and say no to Assam Bandhas. There is a phase “United we stand, divided we fall”.

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  1. Stop corruption

From getting your birth certificate to getting a pension, nothing goes without giving bribe in Assam. The number of scams appearing one after another and the amount of money roped in an act like a slap on the face of common people like us. You are the one who can stop corruption. Don’t accept bribes and don’t give bribes.

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  1. Stop “Chanda” culture.

We all know that majority of Student group, Political group, and the Militant group uses change as their source of income in Assam. They use of collect a huge amount of money in the name of Bihu functions, puja etc. They don’t care how much you financial condition. They just handed over you a receipt with an amount and you are forced to pay. So, stop being income source to these so called groups.

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  1. Know your rights and follow rules

Knowing your rights will help you when you find yourself caught in an unfair situation but feel like you’re helpless to change it. So, it’s very helpful for you to know your rights. And always follow rules.

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  1. Speak positively about you State.

We should speak positively about another state in front of other people. We should not create a bad image of our state in front of other people.  Appreciate it’s beauty.

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