Shiv Sena's modi-fied Modi a huge hit in Mumbai

Mumbai, April 22, Ibnlive: While the BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi may be crisscrossing the country on a hectic campaign schedule even making himself available in the 3 D avatar, many candidates of the ally Shiv Sena believe that they have drawn the short straw. What if the real deal is not available to campaign, the next best option is coming to the voters in the form of “Modi from Malad”.

Shiv Sena’s modi-fied Modi a huge hit in Mumbai

Shiv Sena's modi-fied Modi a huge hit in Mumbai

The 52-year-old businessman Vikas Mahante, who has a an uncanny resemblance to Narendra Modi, has been in demand. Much like the man he impersonates, Mahante too, has been wooed by several Shiv Sena and a few BJP candidates.

According to him, adequate preparation is key for which he carefully studies the Youtube clips of Modi for tips. He also has a carefully tailored wardrobe.

Basking in the glory, Mahante admits that there is a definite Modi wave in the country with the manner in which he is greeted. “I get a lot of affection from every place wherever I visit,” he said.