Tech-a-byte: tech news this week

Select PlayStation games may launch on mobile by 2018

Returned boxes of Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 smartphones

Sony has announced that it is planning to launch some PlayStation titles for mobile phones running Android and iOS. However, the move, which will be executed by the company’s subsidiary ForwardWorks, is expected to happen only by 2018, with limited games and restricted availability. A full list of games is not available yet, though the company could be looking to cash in on the nostalgia of older gamers by bringing some popular retro titles to the easily accessible smartphone . Predictably, the games will be launched in Japan first and then rolled out in other Asian markets. There is no word on wider international availability as yet.

Facebook Messenger gets Data Saver option

Facebook Messenger has been steadily gaining ground as a chat application with assistant ambitions for a while now, and Facebook has recently added a simple but much-needed feature to it – the data saver option. When turned on, the feature stops auto downloading media when on cellular data (it will continue to auto-download on WiFi) and also calculates roughly how much data it has saved, much like the similar option on Google Chrome. Users have the option of turning Data Saver on or off, as it is not enabled by default, and resetting the saved data counter.

Apple may not make a car after all

Despite no official word from the company, there have been rumours circulating for years that Apple is working on a self-driving car. While this is a logical step, given the success of Tesla and Google’s own long-running (and rather) public efforts on this front, it appears that Apple may be pivoting the project to focus more on the software side of things. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s self-driving project, known as Project Titan, has been under intense internal scrutiny, and has seen the size of the team go down over the past few months. The company is reportedly looking to develop a self-driving platform to assist other automakers, as the low margins and supply chain challenges of automotive manufacturing are not a promising enterprise to venture into. The company is now expected to take a final decision on what direction to take the project in by late next year.

Galaxy Note 7 still being used in spite of recall

Samsung has called time of death on the Galaxy Note 7, and requested users t oreturn the phone with immediate effect for safety reasons. The company has even sent out special ‘fire-proof’ boxes specifically for transporting the ill-fated device. However, despite this move, and calls by most major airline authorities banning Note 7s on flights, people are still unwilling to give up what was a well-received device until the problems cropped up. According to mobile analytics company Apteligent, over a million people continue using the device, despite the safety warnings, and trade-in incentives Samsung has provided to encourage users to hand them in. In India, where the device never managed to get out of pre-order stage, the company is offering the pre-order benefits it bundled with the Note 7 for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge instead.