In patriarchal Haryana, Sakshi breaks barriers with engagement to wrestler

Saurabh Duggal,Chandigarh: Rio Olympics bronze medallist Sakshi Malik, who got engaged to long-time friend

and fellow wrestler Satyawart Kadian , feels settling down with a person from the same discipline will help her touch greater heights.
“As both of us are from wrestling, we understand the level of commitment required at the international level. Moreover, Satyawart knows me well and has been a great support,” said Sakshi.
“I am sure our association will help us achieve greater heights in our profession,” she added.
Though both Sakshi and Satyawart hails from Rohtak in Haryana, they came to know each other during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games where both won a silver medal each. After clinching bronze in Rio, Sakshi acknowledged Satyawart’s support by thanking him on social media.
“We are very happy for both of them. Hailing from sports and wrestling, it will help them enhance their careers. For girls, getting married to a person from the same profession ensures better compatibility, understanding and support,” said Sakshi’s mother, Sudesh, who was instrumental in shaping her career.
“It also helps them to continue with their profession after marriage. That’s why when Sakshi told us about Satyawart we gave our approval,” added Sudesh.
Sakshi is 24 while Satyawart will turn 23 next month. In patriarchal Haryana, it isn’t often that a girl marries a boy younger in age. So wasn’t the age gap an issue for the family?
“Marriage is all about understanding between two people and age has no role to play. What you are talking about is a thing of the past. Satyawart is quite mature and we know him and his family very well” said Sudesh.
“I personally feel that a gap of one or two years on both sides is not a big deal moreover lesser age gap will help them to understand each other better.”