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Letter surfaces in Bisada threatening to kill Dadri lynching accused in jail

Abhishek Anand, Greater Noida: Mystery shrouds over letter that surfaced in Bisada village threatening to kill

all accused who are lodged in the Luksar jail and also the father of one of the Dadri lynching accused Sanjay Rana, a former BJP worker.
Around 20 days back, few villagers had found a letter pasted on a wall near the residence of slain Mohammad Ikhlaq. The residents approached the police and registered a case against unidentified persons. The letter was sent to hand writing experts, but the writing did not match to any of the suspects’ handwriting. Police said they are investigating the case from each aspect.
“A case was registered under section 506 of the Indian penal code (threatening to kill somebody) against unidentified persons. The matter is under investigation,” said Pradeep Kumar Singh, in charge, Jarcha police station.Last year on September 28, local resident Mohammad Ikhlaq was lynched while his son Danish was injured when a mob of locals attacked him over allegations of slaughtering a cow and storing its meat for consumption. The incident triggered a massive outrage across the country with many prominent personalities returning their awards as a token of protest. Eighteen locals, including three juveniles were arrested in the case.
Sources in the police, however, said that the entire incident looks suspicious as nobody can roam around in the village without being noticed.“The village communities are tightly knitted. No outsider can go and paste a letter on the wall that is near the residence of many of the accused who are in jail. Also, the writer wrote his name — Islamuddin — in the end of the letter, which is very unusual. It said it will kill Sanjay Rana and all the accused who are behind the bars,” said a police officer investigating the case.
The village was tensed after an accused Ravin, 22, died of ailment at a Delhi hospital on October 4. A police team is deputed near the Mosque of the village since his death.Sources also said that since the family of slain Ikhlaq and their lawyer Yusuf Saifi were given police protection, the family of some of the accused persons are vying to get police protection citing threat to their lives.
“No police protection can be given to somebody without thorough investigation. The authenticity of the letter has not been proved yet,” said Singh.Sanjay Rana, a former BJP worker whose son is behind the bars over allegations of lynching Ikhlaq, however, accused the police for not taking his complaints ‘seriously’.
“It has been quite some time but the police did nothing. If they threatens to kill me then what shall I do? Shouldn’t I seek police’s help. The problem is that the police has a prejudice against us. If something happens to me or my family, the police and state government will be responsible for that,” said Rana.

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