22-year-old woman held for abduction and murder of Ghaziabad doctor

Peeyush Khandelwal,Ghaziabad: Police arrested a 22-year-old woman from Vasundhara, who was part of a

group that allegedly abducted and murdered a doctor who ran a clinic in the locality.
The tip-off was given by an accused who was recently arrested on charges of murder in a case at Palwal in Haryana.
According to police, Dr Rajesh Gupta went missing in January and was allegedly abducted by accused Manju Jat and her accomplices, Arun, Pradip alias daroga, Ashok Yadav and Sonu Jatav.
“Pradip had earlier visited the doctor’s clinic at Vasundhara and planned the conspiracy to make a fast buck. On the day when the doctor was kidnapped, Manju, Pradip and Arun visited the clinic and asked the doctor to accompany them to see a patient in their family. They took the doctor in a car and asked him to call up his compounder that he would not be visiting the clinic for the day,” said Salmantaj Patil, superintendent of police (SP city).
“Later near Greater Noida, they sedated the doctor by lacing his drink with some substance. They followed the Yamuna Expressway to Shikohabad and reached there in the evening. There, the doctor was asked to call up his family for a ransom amount of Rs 20 lakh. But, after he did not agree to it, he was shot dead by the group members. His body was dumped in a canal later,” the SP said.
The group later got divided into two and also withdrew Rs 37000 from the bank account of the victim through ATMs at different locations.
“When we separated into two, we also called up the victim’s wife from the doctor’s mobile phone and demanded Rs 20 lakh. But she did not oblige. Later, we threw the mobile phone near a railway track in Delhi. Ashok Yadav had shot the doctor while he was trying to flee during the incident,” said Manju.
However, Ghaziabad police are yet to recover the doctor’s body who was allegedly murdered by the group.
“We have sent teams to scan all the downstream locations, police stations and mortuaries near Shikohabad. The circumstantial evidences are being gathered to prepare a tight case against the accused. Teams are also searching for other accused,” said the SP.
The police said that after her divorce with her husband, Manju had come in contact with Pradip and Arun and stayed with them at a PG accommodation at Noida and worked at a call centre.
It was Pradip who spilled the beans.
Pradip is already in jail on charges of murdering a person in Palwal. He along with one Aarti had allegedly murdered one Babu Lal recently. Aarti along with Pradip had also prepared three live bombs in order to attack her former boyfriend Rakesh who had parted ways with her on insistence of Babu Lal. During interrogation, Pradip revealed that he had also abducted and murdered the Ghaziabad doctor.