Delhi: Teacher, daughter found hanging in Najafgarh home

HT Correspondent, New Delhi: A 48-year-old government schoolteacher and her 18-year-old daughter were

found hanging at their Najafgarh home in southwest Delhi on Monday morning.
The mother, Anita, left behind a three-page suicide note that she had pasted on a wall in the drawing room where she and her daughter, Siya, were found hanging from two different ceiling fans.
In the note, Anita requested that their last rites should be performed before the arrival of her husband Satpal Yadav and son Guddu from Jaipur. The two were in Jaipur for Aditya aka Guddu’s obesity ayurvedic treatment. HT has a copy of the suicide note.
The suicides were discovered around 7am when Satpal’s constant phone calls to his wife and daughter went unanswered and he asked a relative to go home and check on them. “My brother (Satpal) asked me to check if everything was fine at home. I informed his nephew, Ishwar, who is a head constable in Delhi police, and we both went to the house,” said Ramesh.
They broke open the main door as it was locked from inside and their repeated knocks had gone unanswered. “Siya, a Class 12 student, and her mother were hanging from ceiling fans. We called the police,” Ramesh said adding that Satpal and Guddu returned from Jaipur in the afternoon.
Although the initial autopsy reports confirmed death due to hanging and ruled out the possibility of any foul play, some shocking details related to the suicides have raised doubts among family members and the police. A senior police officer said that Siya’s hands were tied from behind.
No table or chair was found near her body that she would have used to reach the ceiling fan. A wooden stool, however, was found near Anita’s body. Family members told police that Anita was in depression for the past seven to eight years and was undergoing treatment for it.
“It appears that Anita took the extreme step due to depression. But why Siya killed herself is still unclear,” said the senior officer.
Satpal is a principal at a nearby government school. Guddu is a second-year MBBS student at a college in Karnataka. The family was financially strong.
The contents of the note suggested that it was Siya who first hanged herself. “…Apni mari bacchi ko gale lagaya pyar se khub pyar kiya…(embraced my dead daughter out of love),” the note read. Anita requested in the note that Siya’s body should be cremated with honour as she was an ‘innocent’ and adorable child and she deserved such respect.