‘Recovery of human remains in Kedar valley is no surprise’

PTI, Dehradun: Amid hue and cry over skeletal remains still being found in Kedar valley in Uttarakhand,

Rudraprayag district magistrate Raghav Langar on Sunday said he won’t be surprised if remains are found even after 25 years given the magnitude of the 2013 disaster.
He, however, said that the uproar being raised by political parties over the issue will only harm tourism in Uttarakhand, the mainstay of its economy,
“I can’t understand the logic behind hue and cry over human remains being found in the valley even three years after the tragedy. Just look at the magnitude of the calamity. From Kedar valley alone 3985 people went missing who were later declared dead. Out of this skeletal remains of only 827 were found and disposed of.
“That brings us to the conclusion that the rest are still untraced and lying somewhere buried under tonnes of debris. In the light of this fact I would not be surprised if human skeletal remains are found in Kedar valley even 25 years from now,” Langar told PTI.
The topography of the valley has undergone imperceptible changes after the 2013 deluge and when it regains it original shape through a geological process 25 years hence, it would not be surprising if skeletal remains of people killed in the tragedy come back to the surface,” Langar said.
On October 13, Langar said a combined team of police and SDRF personnel has been constituted to visit the area and verify the facts that some skeletal remains have been found in a densely forested area around Triyuginarayan.
The skeletal remains are speculated to be of pilgrims who perished in the natural calamity that stuck the state in 2013.