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Togadia’s recent order on Hindu Rastra and religious discrimination

New Delhi, 21 April-2014,Alisha Coelho/Zahir Janmohamed(MiD DAY): VHP chief Prabinbhai Togodia’s newest order carries nothing new[ VHP Leader Pravin Togadia Orders to Evict Muslims from Hindu areas]. They have nothing hidden as they claiming from very beginning for HINDU RASTRA where no one would be called Muslim, Christians or Sikhs !if any one wants to live in this Hindu Rastra he/she must be become Hindu or stay as second class citizen.  According to Indian express news portal, Gujarat will be the first Indian Hindu state by the end of 2015. [ VHP will declare Gujarat a Hindu state by 2015 ]

Togadia’s Recent order on Hindu Rastra and religious discrimination

Pravin Togadia's Recent order on Hindu Rastra and religious discrimination

Indilens Web Team has collected 2 examples of so called Hindu Rastra makers and their agenda’s with development drama in Gujarat.

Twenty-five-year-old Nida Yamin had just moved from Delhi to Ahmedabad, Gujarat to work at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) as a research associate. Her grandmother was married at a young age and her mother was never allowed to pursue a career. This was the first time any woman in her family had worked or lived on their own before marriage. At IIM, she met another research associate, a Hindu girl from the eastern state of Bihar named Shwetambera, and the two found a two-bedroom apartment near the Vastrapur Lake in Ahmedabad. When Nida negotiated the rent, the apartment owner found her voice so sweet that she gave her a discount. She actually advertised for 11,500 rupees ($210). But then she said it is 11,000 now ($201) because she liked my voice. Nida and Shwetambera filled out the deposit forms and sent them to the apartment owner in Hyderabad. They were all ready to move in. A few hours later Nida received a call.

” The owner’s) tone had completely changed. She asked me about the veg/non-veg thing but we had already discussed that and I agreed not to eat non-veg in the apartment or to cook non-veg. But then she said, ‘What is your caste?’ I was a bit taken back. I was like caste regarding what? I don’t think so anyone has asked my caste in Delhi. I said I am a Muslim. That is when she said ‘I wont be able to give you the flat because building people will make a problem.”

Read Full story on world famous Haffington Post where from it is taken “In Modi’s Gujarat, Muslims Struggle to be respected by Hindus”.

Indilens Web Team brings second example of such order and religious discrimination

Nagina Hasan (43) doesn’t know Emraan Hashmi, but knows exactly what he’s feeling at this moment. The entrepreneur was turned away by a housing society because she’s a Muslim. “When it happens to a Shabana Azmi or an Emraan Hashmi, it makes news. But people should realise that incidents like these also happen to the common man, who has no glamour value and nobody to turn to.”

This story is taken from well circulated web news portal MID DAY NEWS. [It’s not only Emraan, Saif, Shabana]

Nagina Hasan, a Muslim woman who rented out a flat in Vashi is being asked to vacate her flat by her Hindu neighbours, who are protesting against her because of her religion.

If it happens to the stars, the man on the street cant be far behind and a case in point is this enterprenuer Nagina Hasan (43) who alleged discrimination against a housing society in Vashi when building society owners asked her to vacate the flat last year.

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