‘Get Modi’ fliers given out at Trump rally, accuse Clinton of targeting the PM

Yashwant Raj, Edison: A flier supposedly handed out at the Republican Hindu Coalition rally on Saturday sought

to accuse former secretary of state Hillary Clinton of launching a “Get Modi Policy” to implicate Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 Gujarat riots case.
“As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton created her ‘Get Modi Policy’ to falsely accuse Narendra Modi of genocide for 2002 Gujarat riots,” read the flier, photos of which were shared on social media. Clinton is the Democratic presidential nominee, and has been pulling ahead in the polls.The flier depicts Democrat Clinton and India’s Congress party president Sonia Gandhi with ram-like horns and borderline hysterical expressions. Clinton is also shown giving Modi, who has his hands up, the got-you gesture. Without citing any evidence, the flier claims that Clinton worked with Gandhi and non-governmental organisations to implicate Modi.The 2002 riots broke out in Gujarat when Modi was chief minister. In 2012, he was given a clean chit by a Supreme Court-appointed special investigative team.
The flier is clearly an attempt at breaking the vote; Indian Americans have historically voted for Democrats. Many of them also hero-worship Prime Minister Modi, who has a good relationship with President Barack Obama, a Democrat. Obama and the First Lady Michelle have been campaigning for Clinton.
Trump is fighting to keep his presidential chances alive, especially after a series of sexual assault allegations surfaced recently. With less than a month to go before America votes for their new president, Trump is in deep waters given that many influential Republicans have also pulled their support, including senator John McCain.
At the charity event, Trump made history of sorts for he is the first presidential candidate to directly address the Indian American community in two election cycles. Clinton has addressed the community only through surrogates so far. In a partisan speech that lasted nearly 13 minutes, Trump repeatedly reiterated he was “a big fan of Hindus, and a big fan of India”.