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From joy to disbelief: Dylan fans in Indore give mixed response

Dev Kumar Vasudevan, Indore: The news of Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2016

was greeted with happiness and with disbelief. Literature and music lovers in Indore and Mhow were also a divided on the issue.
Meenakshi Singh, a manager in a firm said, “I am in seventh heaven. I have always wondered why Dylan’s lyrics were not taught as poetry.”
Many fans felt that song writing and literature are different genres of creativity and should be kept in separate compartments.
According to Sandeep GR, sub divisional magistrate (SDM) Mhow, “I have been a big fan of the folk rock artist right from his Tambourine Man to Highway 61 Revisited but I’ve always thought Dylan was more about the harmonica and guitar than the lyrics. A Grammy for him is ok, but Nobel No.”
Dr Amitava Saraswati, head of the department, mathematics at St Paul’s School, Indore said, “Being a diehard Dylan fan since school days who searched every record shop for a Dylan LP in the back alleys of Sudder Street in Calcutta I was taken aback on hearing the news. No doubt, his songs with strong messages became anthems but classifying music as literature baffles me.”
According to Siddhartha K Rastogi, assistant professor of economics at IIM Indore, “I liked and followed Dylan a lot, including his writings and autobiography. He has undoubtedly made a mark on the American and global arena for popular poetry, music, and expression. A special mention Pulitzer or a Medal of Arts would be a very apt recognition for his contribution. Despite all my liking for Dylan, I find this Nobel choice hard to digest. I feel that this diminishes the gravity of the prestigious award.”
Dr Evelyn R Gaekwad, faculty in English at Shishukunj International School was also not in favour of the award being given to Dylan, “I am thinking of those great writers and poets who have lost to Dylan. These include AD Hope, Judith Wright, Les Murray and Robert Gray among others. Maybe Justin Beiber will also win the Nobel in the years to come.”

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