Purab Kohli underwent crazy body transformation for his upcoming projects

Sneha Mahadevan, New Delhi: In the film industry, an actor’s job is not limited to acting, for he or she has to

work extremely hard on his or her look. If the role requires the actor to look a certain way, then he or she has to lose or gain weight or change appearance accordingly. So, when actor Farhan Akhtar played Milkha Singh in the athlete’s biopic, he underwent a complete body transformation. Actor Purab Kohli who will feature in two upcoming projects, had to go through a lot of problems while shooting.Purab who will be seen reprising his role of a drummer in the sequel to Rock On (2008) and a prisoner in filmmaker Nikhil Advani’s upcoming TV series had to go through a major weight loss and then gain weight, in a matter of small period of time. As shooting schedules for the show and Rock On 2 were concurrent, Purab had to lose a lot of weight for his TV series’ role and gain again for the movie. He had to look tortured — someone who hasn’t eaten proper food for a long time in the show. Purab had to follow a strict diet so he doesn’t end up harming his body in the process.
He says, “2016 has been crazy as I had to juggle between different projects. Shujaat (director) wanted me to put on 10 kilos for the film and my show required me to look like a prisoner of war. Finally, some efforts were made by both units to plan shoots according to me. It was a little taxing; trying to maintain two completely different looks has its complications.”