Move over Fruit Juices, Say Hello to These 4 Veggie Nectars

If you are on a mission to get healthy, fruits and vegetable juices cannot miss your routine. Juices are quick fix meals which can be consumed on the way. It’s packed with nutrients and fibres which promote healthy living. While the benefits of juices cannot be ruled out, it’s important to remember that not all juices are good for you. Especially processed and packaged juices that are loaded with sugar and preservatives do more harm than good.

Latest health mantra calls you to “eat your fruits and drink your vegetables”. All you need is a use a cold pressed juicer to help you reach your fitness goals. We bring you top 4 veggie nectars that are tasty, refreshing and will give you, your daily dosage of vital nutrients.

Beetroot, Celery, Ginger Juice


In the middle ages, beetroot was a highly valued vegetable known for its healing and medicinal properties.  It is very nutritious and can be consumed in the form of salads, soups and juice. Beetroot juice, in particular, is believed to control blood pressure, and is excellent for digestion and is a powerful antioxidant. Here is a quick and easy recipe for a glass of refreshing beetroot juice, filled with goodness – 

•    Take two medium sized beetroots, peel, wash and keep it aside

•    Next, cut a small piece of ginger and celery

•    Put these ingredients in a juicer to squeeze out the nectar from the vegetables

•    Spice up the juice with black salt, dash of lime and turmeric (optional)

This is an all season drink. Ginger is great for digestion and celery is a natural herb packed with Vitamin K, C and potassium.  The optional ingredient turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in inner healing. You can consume this juice for breakfast or as a snack between the meals.

Spinach & Carrot Juice


Spinach and carrot juice may sound like an odd pair. However, it’s a very tasty drink that fills your stomach and prevents craving for processed and high-calorie foods. The natural sweetness of carrot and saltiness of spinach blends well, giving your taste buds a refreshing high.  For a quick glass of spinach and carrot juice, here’s what you need to do –

•    Wash and clean Spinach. Make sure that the water drains completely

•    Peel, clean and cut carrots into small dices.

•    Blend spinach and carrot (of equal quantity) together

•    Take a strainer and remove the juice from the pulp

•    Season the juice with a squeeze of lime and some black salt.

This is an excellent detox drink. However, it’s recommended not to consume this drink every day. Include this juice in your diet a couple of times in a week Try this recipe yourself or share with your friends who are on a health drive just like you.

Tomato & Cucumber Juice

This is an excellent summer drink. Tomato is a highly nutritious vegetable and is believed to combat cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even depression. On the other hand, cucumber hydrates the skin keeping it youthful and nourished. In short, the following juice recipe will cleanse you from inside.

•    Dice 2-3 medium sized tomatoes into small pieces

•    Clean and peel a small cucumber and dice it into small pieces as well

•    Take a stalk of celery and chop it finely

•    Mix the above ingredients in a juicer and pour it in a glass or a container

•    Add a pinch of black salt for added taste

Serve this drink chilled with cubes of ice. The tanginess of tomato and the freshness of cucumber is the secret to this healthy potion.

Bell pepper (Capsicum) & Cucumber Juice

Bell pepper or capsicum in the form of juice may sound odd. But those who have tried it will vouch for its hot taste, especially if it is mixed with cucumber. Scientific research has proved that bell pepper has cancer-fighting properties and is enriched with potassium, protein, vitamin c and iron. So, besides putting it in salads and vegetable dishes, consume bell pepper in the form of juice in the following manner

•    Take bell pepper of any colour (red, green, yellow or orange) and slice it in even pieces

•    Take a medium sized cucumber, clean and cut it into small cubes

•    Now, put both ingredients in the juicer and take out the juice

•    Add a bit of lime for tanginess or some jaggery if you want to cut down the spice of the pepper.

This juice may not appeal to all taste buds. However, please try out this out of the box as it may catch your fancy.

We all know that veggies are good for health. But you don’t always have to prepare it in the traditional way to enjoy its benefits. Consuming vegetables rawis regarded as a healthier option as it does not destroy its enzymes and nutrients.