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Bus conductor crushed to death by driver


NADUAN, February 14, Somitr Keshav:  Manoj Kumar, driver of a bus (HP-67-6254), belonging to Parmar Bus Service, allegedly crushed Raj Kumar to death, conductor of a private bus in Naduan.

The incident took place at Bompal bus stop around 8.30 in morning when both the buses reaching the stop at the same time. Both had heated arguments over the timings of the buses.  The argument got out of hand when the driver Manoj, started the bus and crushed Raj Kumar under it. Raj Kumar died on the spot. Manoj then fled the scene and later was arrested by police near Jawalaji.

The NH near Bompal was totally jammed for about 3 hours due to the incident. The police said a Fir had been registered.