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Gurgaon jail home to notorious gangsters from NCR, neighbouring states

Leena Dhankhar,Gurgaon: As number of top gangsters from the NCR and neighbouring states lodged in the

Bhondsi Jail in Gurgaon grows, the prison authorities are trying hard to ensure that these criminals do not get to operate their illegal activities from their confinement.
“We have cracked down on the use of mobile phones, and jammers have been installed to check their illegal activities,” said superintendent of the jail Harinder Singh.
Besides, hardcore criminals and petty criminals are kept in two separate wings so that the former cannot influence the latter.
“We have segregated the criminals so that undertrials are not influenced by gangsters”, Singh added.
The jail, which was established 13 years back as a modern hi-tech prison over some 90 acres of land, is located on the outskirts of Gurgaon on Sohna road. It’s considered the best among 19 jails in Haryana.
Presently it houses around 2,200 inmates against its capacity to host 2,416 prisoners. About 650 of these prisoners are from Uttar Pradesh, 200 from Rajasthan and nearly 250 from Delhi. Around 900 are from Haryana. Many are sent from Mewat region as well.
Of them, there are around 100 big and small-time gangsters from Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.
Jail authorities marked eight from Haryana, six from Delhi, four from Rajasthan and two from Uttar Pradesh as “notorious gangsters”.
The prominent gangsters who are currently lodged in Bhondsi jail include Dhirpal, Surender, Vikash, Manjit Mahal and Rakesh Bawania from Delhi, Sarwar and Anupam from Uttar Pradesh and Sandeep, Surender, Binder, Karor, Ashok Rathi, Badli, Kartar, Baljeet alias Jeeta, Sunil Manjit, Ravinder Dahiya and krishan from Haryana.
Most of them were involved in more than dozen cases of murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, extortion and other crimes in various parts of the state and neighbouring UP, Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi.Prison authorities said these gangsters were the main source of their headache.
They have been shifted to Bhondsi jail from the neighbouring areas as authorities felt taking them away from their home turf would help check their nefarious activities.
The idea though worked somewhat, it is not completely effective given the accessibility of mobiles and internet within the four walls of prisons. The Bhondsi Jail too is not completely free of the menace.
According to the prison authorities, most inmates in a jail like to be associated with criminals of their types. So snatchers, robbers and petty thieves often gel together, while murder accused and other hardcore criminals have their own “elite group.”
To have their domination within the prison, various groups try to lure new arrivals to increase membership of their gangs. In exchange of nominal cash or other such “fringe benefits,” they let these new recruits do odd jobs for them.
To ensure birds of the same feather do not flock together, Bhondsi Jail authorities put inmates in barracks in alphabetical order.
However, Singh said basic facilities like food, canteen, television and medical aids were provided to the inmates as per the jail manual.

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