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Hiranandani kidney racket: Powai files charge sheet, three doctors named wanted

Farhan Shaikh, MUMBAI: The police filed an 800-page charge sheet into the Dr LH Hiranandani kidney racket

on Monday. Three more doctors — Dr Suvin Shetty, pathologist, Dr Veena Sewlikar, a general practitioner and Dr Vinod Patel, a doctor from Madhya Pradesh, who are yet to be arrested — have been named in the document.
Sundar Singh, who sold his kidney in March to a Delhi-based woman, is one of the 49 witnesses named in the charge sheet. The police have also attached a report from the directorate of health services on the inquiry conducted against the accused doctors. The police planned to arrest Singh, but made him an approver after he gave crucial evidence in the case.
According to the DHS report, the five arrested doctors, along with transplant coordinator Nilesh Kamble, “acted on their personal benefits or for the hospital’s benefit”, without taking the patients’ wellbeing into account.
On July 13, Singh tipped off complainant Mahesh Tanna, which led to a raid at the hospital when a transplant was in progress. The police have claimed the organ donor, Shobha Thakur, was promised Rs2.5 lakh for the transplant. The patient who was to receive the kidney, Brijkishore Jaiswal, also paid Rs8 lakh to Kamble, which was recovered from his house, according to the charge sheet.
The charge sheet states that Jaiswal, with help from medical director Dr Mukesh Shette, got in touch with other doctors on the local authorisation committee, including Dr Sujeet Chatterjee, Dr Suvin Shetty and Dr Veena Sewlikar, and also roped in DHS member BK Kadam.
The police said Dr Shette, Dr Anurag Naik, Dr Prakash Shetty, Dr Sewlikar and Kamble did not take due diligence to prevent the illegality or follow the rules laid down by the committee.

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