Expect traffic jams on Dussehra, warn police

Dhananjay Jha, Noida: Aiming to provide smooth traffic movement in the city, traffic police have issued an

advisory for motorists for Dussehra day. The traffic advisory has been issued in anticipation of the huge crowds at Noida stadium for Ravan Dahan ceremony.
Officials have to keep traffic movement under control around the Noida Stadium which is located at sector 21.
There are four intersections around the stadium — sector 12/22, near Adobe, near Spice Mall and the Stadium Intersection — where heavy traffic police force will be deployed to stop manage traffic.
Motorists who have to travel to Delhi from Noida using roads surrounding the stadium have been advised to take sector 8, 10, 11 and 12 route from sector 12-22 and sector 56 crossings.
“More than 100 traffic constables have been deployed around Noida stadium to manage the traffic on Dussehra and we have appealed to commuters to read the advisory before leaving home,” said Prabal Pratap Singh, superintendent of police (Traffic), Gautam Budh Nagar.
The crossing for sector 10/21 near Indian Express Building on Master Plan-1 Road will be closed and commuters cannot take right and left turns from here to enter these sectors. Commuters who want to reach these sectors have been advised to take sector 12/22 route.
The traffic in sectors 11, 12 and in industrial area phase 1 will remain normal.
Similarly, those who want to come to sector 12/22 from NTPC crossing they have been advised to use Gijhor crossing and sector 57 route instead of sector 21/25 route.
“Commuters who want to reach sector 21/25 from sector 22/23 can use sector 57 and Gijhor crossing route,” said the SP traffic.
He said that the main purpose of issuing the advisory is to alert commuters in advance to avoid routes which have been restricted for security and safety purpose.
The traffic police said that only VVIP pass holders will be allowed to take their vehicles to authorised parking at the stadium’s gate number 7 via Spice Mall intersection to Somerville School.