Blast from the past: 7 Shocking revelations Rekha made on a chat show

Rekha has undoubtedly been one of the most versatile actresses in Bollywood. Be it her role in Umrao Jaan or her sizzling presence in the song ‘Kaisi Paheli Zindgani’ from Parineeta, she is one actress who has managed to defy the notions of age like no other. But not many are aware that Rekha didn’t have a normal, secure childhood as her parents got separated while she was still a child. She was somewhat forced to take up acting to provide for her family. She even dropped out of school at the tender age of 13 when she was in 9th standard.

We came across an old interview of Rekha with Simi Garewal in which she spoke at length about the early days of her childhood, career and family. In the first part of Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, Bhanurekha aka Rekha made the following revelations:

On missing her father



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If you don’t taste something, you don’t know what it means. I didn’t know what the word “father” meant.

On whether she wanted to be an actress at the age of 13



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No, Never. At that point, all I wanted was to be married and to be loved and to spend the rest of my life with somebody who truly truly truly cared for me and have children. Lots and Lots and lots of children. I wonder why I felt like that then. But that’s what she (BhanuRekha) wanted.

On why she didn’t tell her mother to call her back (from the film industry)

Rekha, Jaya Bachchan and Amitabh Bachchan


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I was never the kind of person who voiced my impressions or my feelings. I never told anybody what I feel. I still don’t.

On why she used to run away from the film sets a lot of time

When a 12-year-old or a 13-year-old wanted to have a chocolate or an ice cream and have been deprived from it for months together, somewhere you tend to snap. I mean I never used to run away, I would say “abhi aati hoon” and lose track of time.

On often sating that she used to think of jumping off the terrace..

I do have this amazing need to fly. And mind you when I say that I want to jump off a cliff or jump off, it’s only because I just love to fly. It sounds weird but that’s the reason. But otherwise I didn’t want to jump off building because I was suicidal or anything.

On whether she felt happy or trapped after her first film Saawan Bhadon became a hit

I was happy as I was getting all the importance and attention. My sisters were very happy too, my mother was very happy. We could buy all the cars and the house. And what’s more, my school friends were really envious because when I would say to them who knows may be I will be a star tomorrow, and they would say, “achha, apni shaqal dekhi hai aaine mein?” and they didn’t know where to look (after my first film was a hit) as they said, “Bhanu’s made it after all”

On her earlier statement “I can’t forget the fact that I’m a woman first”

When does one register that one is a woman?I wonder, does she become a woman when she becomes responsible? Does she become a woman when she falls in love? Does she become a woman, from a girl to woman, when se goes through pain? When is it difficult for her?

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