Not many Bollywood songs have come my way, and I’m also selective: Papon

A master in the art of fusing different sounds, and known for lending a unique Indo-global appeal to his songs, singer Papon says he is offered limited work in films. His latest outing in Bollywood is the song, ‘Labon ka karobar’ from an upcoming movie, starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor. Here, the singer talks about being selective about the projects he takes up, and more.

Your music doesn’t fit into any particular genre. How do you blend global sounds, and still keep the soul of your music Indian?
Since childhood, I have been exposed to different kinds of music. I was born into a musical family, and that’s where my journey began. As I developed a liking for electronic, blues, jazz and pop, among other genres, I found amazing similarities in all of them. I keep my songs Indian at the core, but at the same time, I love to blend them with global sounds. I can seamlessly travel from electronic to jazz to thumri, as it comes naturally to me.
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We don’t see you taking up too many Bollywood projects. Is that a conscious decision?
Not many Bollywood songs have come my way, and I’m also selective about the songs I sing. I cannot sing something I can’t do justice to. Mostly, music directors approach me only when they have a song, especially for me. Having said that, I feel I have done quality work in Bollywood, and I’m proud of the songs I have sung. I think I’m special, and it’s good to be special.

When we say Bollywood music, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?
Bollywood music doesn’t define any genre or style. Bollywood has many genres. As it is commercial music, there is a certain format to it and limitations too. There is a lot of pressure on composers to deliver a particular kind of song. But many of them are doing a commendable job. Things are changing, and in a few years, we will see a lot of experimental sounds, and independent musicians ruling the music scene in the country.