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Reliance Jio imports over 4 lakh SIM cards from China: Report

NEW DELHI: Reliance Jio, the only pan-India BWA license holder, has imported 4,35,000 new 4G SIM cards from China, as it prepares to launch commercially roll out services in the country, TelecomTalk reported.


The telco has imported these SIM cards at a cost of Rs. 93,92,846, according to data published by an import tracking website, Zauba.com.

Jio, last month, launched its much-awaited 4G service, albeit only for group employees. The complimentary offer for group staff will continue until Jio launches its 4G services commercially later this year.

These are 3 in 1 SIM cards which can be used as Mini, Micro or Nano sim card as per the requirement of the 4G handset. China is the supplier for sim cards while France and Germany are suppliers for the network equipments.

Delhi Air Cargo accounted for 60% of imports followed by Bombay Air Cargo and Bangalore Air Cargo which account for 39.9% and 0.1% of imports respectively.

The import of equipment including SIM cards reduced from October to November to December 2015 before peaking again in January 2016. The import of sim cards in bulk is suggestive of the nearing of commercial launch date. Jio may roll out services in a phased manner covering Metros first and later expanding its Pan India footprint.

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