Two killed, several injured in stampede at Mayawati’s rally in Lucknow

HT Correspondent, Lucknow: Two people were killed and over a dozen injured when a stampede broke out at

the venue of BSP chief Mayawati’s rally in Lucknow on Sunday.
All the injured were immediately rushed to the Lokbandhu Hospital near the venue of the rally. According to television reports, people including children were missing following the ruckus.
The BSP’s Uttar Pradesh chief Ramachal Rajbhar told ANI a woman died due to humidity, and not because of any stampede.
Expecting half a million people, the BSP had booked 19 trains, 500 buses and thousands of cars to transport workers from across the state for the rally. Mayawati addressed the supporters at Kanshi Ram Eco Park.
The rally was being seen as the BSP chief’s effort to ensure that the party’s core constituency of Dalits remained intact, even as the party sought to expand into other groups.