Ali Fazal to rope in an Indian designer for his Hollywood debut?

Sneha Mahadevan, New Delhi: Actor Ali Fazal made headlines when the news of his Hollywood film with actor

Judi Dench was announced a few weeks back. Ever since, the actor has been busy with the prep work on the film.
The film that is set in the late 1800s in the Victorian Empire will see Ali playing, Abdul is an Indian servant who comes to England from India and eventually develops a unique friendship with Queen Victoria. As Ali’s character hails from India, the crew will also be in India for a long schedule.
A source reveals, “Ali needs to have a certain look, of a man belonging to the royal court. The production crew is on the lookout for an Indian designer to do Ali’s costumes to ensure that they get that exact Peshawari look for him.”Currently, the producers are looking at a reputed Indian designer to take on the work as when they come to India for the shoot, they can commence work immediately. “They have a very strict schedule and can’t afford to waste anytime on logistical issues so they’ve started their research in advance,” adds the source. In fact, Ali is also doing his research and since he knows many designers personally, he has recommended a few names to the crew. The movie is currently being shot in Scotland and according to sources, the Indian schedule starts from November.