Open your hearts, adopt a pet

Nikita Saxena, New Delhi: Two Indies left un-adopted as they’re not pedigrees and pedigrees given up as they’re

hard to care for – the stories are endless and the heartbreaks too many to count. Open your heart and adopt a pet, instead of buying one from the breeders. This week, we have two Indies and two Labradors up for adoption.
Chinki.Chinki, a one-month-old Indie baby, was battling it out on the streets in Paschim Vihar before she was rescued by her current foster. As her foster parent lives in a PG, it’s not possible for her to keep Chinki for long. If you wish to adopt this little sweetheart, write to
Only a month and a half old, Kutush sleeps in a sack on the footpath and is fed randomly. Left on the streets any longer, and he may become a victim of hit and run. He’s a lovely Indie boy looking for love and attention. Bring the little baby home and be the reason for his happiness. Write an email to
Google is a seven-month-old, loving Labrador. His present parent has to give him up as his job requires frequent relocation. Google has received all his vaccinations and is perfectly healthy . To adopt him, get in touch with Akash at
Santo is a wonderful and playful Labrador. Three years old, he is a calm boy with handsome, saintly features. Loving by nature, he will be an absolute delight to be around. To adopt him, write an email to