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Rajasthan BJP organising yagna at Jaisalmer temple for armymen, CM to attend

Sachin Saini, Jaipur: In a gesture commending the Indian army’s recent surgical strikes against Pakistan, the

ruling BJP in Rajasthan will be offering prayers on Thursday evening at a Jaisalmer shrine holding special esteem among the security forces.
Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje will attend the religious congregation the Rajasthan Sanskrit Academy is holding at the Shri Mateshwari Tanot Mata temple near the Indo-Pak border “to protect our soldiers and for their energy and power”.
Academy chairperson Jaya Dave told HT that the organization had, at the start of Navratra on October 1, taken an oath to hold a Rashtra Raksha Yagna across the state. It is being held at the academy’s 26 Ved schools, and another 10 which it has adopted.
“In view of the situation the country is facing today, we wanted to do something. Hence the series,” she added.
Thursday’s Jaisalmer yagna will have 21 schoolteachers of the academy chanting 700 shlokas (verses) from the Durga Shaptashati. Overall, around 500 children of the academy will perform the Yagna at Ved schools, Dave said.
“The hymns and rituals have cosmic energy, which will strengthen and protect our soldiers,” she said. “The CM will participate in the puja at Tanot, beginning 4 pm. It will conclude at 8.30 pm. The Durga verse ‘Hrim Durge Durge, rakshami swaha’ (Goddess Durga protect us) will be recited 540 times.” Dave said.
“Today is Lalita Panchmi. It is a very special Navratra’s day that symbolises victory,” she added. “Tanot is a shaktipeeth of Ma Chamunda. In India’s previous wars with Pakistan, she had protected us.”

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