Book review: Read Rashmi Kumar’s latest if you are looking for ‘the one’

Henna Rakheja, New Delhi: “…Sometimes in life, we wish things were that easy and that uncomplicated!”

This book about the life of a single woman, and how she expects it should be, is quite a breezy read. Pinned by the diktats of the society and the need to exercise free will, the author creates a protagonist whose search of a perfect boy and wish for a stable married-life is described like a screenplay.
There is no denying that a modern Indian woman is free to live as she wants, but the repeated remarks from her relatives and friends nag her from outside and within. Rashmi Kumar pens down all her emotional struggles and strikes a chord with the contemporary single Indian woman who is living the so-called ‘marriageable age’.
The swift change of scenes is sans any confusion, and the parallels drawn between subjects such as religion and the pet cobra, for instance, is hilarious at times. The sarcasm for the arranged marriage is both the target and the technique, to make the book an engaging read.
But beyond the confessions and constraints, there is a half-baked climax that doesn’t uplift the reading graph.
Title: Hooked, Lined & Single
Author: Rashmi Kumar
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Price: Rs 150