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Green corridors facilitate organ transplants in Indore, Delhi hospitals

Nida Khan, Indore: Two green corridors were set up in Indore on Tuesday to transport heart, liver, kidneys, eyes and

skin of a 30-year-old man declared brain dead after a road accident in the city on Monday evening.
Heart and liver of the donor, Ramgopal Soni, were transported from Choithram Hospital, where he died, to the airport for airlifting to New Delhi.
It was reported that the liver could not be transplanted as it had some infection while the heart was successfully transplanted to a 43-year-old female in AIIMS, New Delhi.
The green corridor was created at 11:30am and the ambulance carrying the organs reached the airport within 10 minutes. Normally, it would have taken at least half -an-hour to cover the distance.
Meanwhile, at 12:05pm, another green corridor was formed for the seamless-movement of an ambulance carrying a kidney of the deceased to city’s Greater Kailash Hospital. The organ was to be transplanted to a female recipient in the city.
Another kidney of the deceased was sent to city’s Choithram Hospital for transplantation.
Ramgopal Soni, whose organs were harvested, was declared brain dead by the doctors on Monday afternoon. Soni originally hailed from Unnav, Uttar Pradesh. He was working in Indore. “After the patient was declared brain dead, we realised none of his close relatives lives in the city. After his father arrived around 8pm, we started counseling him,” said Dr Sanjay Dixit, vice dean of the MGM medical college and member of the Indore Organ Donation Society.
Divisional commissioner Sanjay Dubey, quoting doctors who harvested the organs, said they did not face any major problem in carrying out the operation as both the green corridors functioned smoothly.
In the past one year, ten green corridors were formed in the city for smooth transportation of organs.
“It was our tenth feat and we have grown in confidence with the entire procedure. The procedure which would normally take us two-three hours was curtailed to minutes. It is a major achievement for Indore, the only city in the state to successfully execute green corridors and organ donations,” he said.
Challenge before doctors
While the entire procedure of creating green corridors went smoothly, the crucial challenge before doctors now was to protect the body from decomposing.
“For the last rites, the body had to be transported to Unnav, which is around 12-hour journey from Indore. After organ harvesting, we usually embalm the body by injecting formalin. But in this case, as the heart was harvested, it was difficult to do so. Therefore, we decided to fill the abdomen with formalin to preserve it,” said Dr Dixit.
He termed the move as an innovation, stating that they had never done this in any of the organ harvesting cases performed in the state earlier.
Heart transplant possible in the city
Initially, doctors had decided to perform heart transplantation in the city itself. But as Medanta, Indore’s only private hospital equipped to perform the critical surgery, did not have any patient lined up for heart transplantation, the decision was cancelled.
According to experts most of the organs must be transported to their destination within four hours, and in less than four hours in case of heart or lung for greater chances of success.
The green corridor is formed by ensuring the stretch of the road through which ambulance carrying organ travels free of any vehicular movement. Traffic signals on the special travel route are put on manual mode.

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