Showers increase fear of diseases

A Mariyam Alavi,New Delhi: A spell of mild showers in and around the Capital on Tuesday raised concerns about the

dengue and chikungunya outbreak in the city intensifying.
The disease carrying mosquitoes, aedes aegypti, breed in open containers of clean water in and around houses and dwellings.
“Rains mean mosquitoes and Delhi this year saw good rains that gave the mosquitoes conducive environment to grow and multiply. Aedes aegypti can even breed in 10ml of water,” said Dr AC Dhariwal, director, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme.
However, Dr DK Seth, director of hospitals at the north Delhi corporation, reassured that as long as breeding is controlled there is nothing to worry about. People should empty any sources of open standing water, like tanks, barrels, and even plant saucers, to curb the breeding of the dangerous flies.