Party drugs are in high demand in Delhi during festive season

Faizan Haidar, New Delhi: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), which has seized 235 kg of banned narcotic

drug amphetamine, which is used as a stimulant, has found that the drug is in high demand in Delhi and NCR during parties in the upcoming festive season. According to NCB, amphetamine is a potent central nervous system stimulant and is quite popular in IT cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad.
After the record seizure, the agency is now tracking the route through which it is supplied to other cities. “Such a huge quantity is not for the consumption of one city and is supplied to other cities. This is in high demand among youth and we are checking whether these were to be supplied in Delhi during the festive season. A research scientist has been arrested in Hyderabad and we are suspecting involvement of high-profile people in the drug syndicate,” said an NCB official.
The NCB first seized 221 kg of amphetamine from two persons at Miyapur area in Hyderabad on September 30. Venkat Rama Rao, a research scientist in a private chemical firm of Bengaluru, had come to Hyderabad to collect the contraband from Ravi Shankar Rao.
After Venkat and Ravi Shankar were arrested, 30 grams of amphetamine and Rs 1.23 crore in cash were seized from a house rented by Venkat near Electronic City in Bengaluru; his wife was also arrested. Further, 10 kg of amphetamine was seized from a manufacturing lab in Bollaurm area on October 1.
“More people are under the scanner and their interrogation will reveal the link in other cities. The drug is the parent compound of other prominent dangerous psychotropic substances,” the official added.
NCB has also alerted Delhi airport authority as the drug could be possible routed through airport. “Earlier, pseudoephedrine drug was smuggled in powder form to north-eastern states and taken to African countries via Myanmar and Malaysia. Traffickers use Delhi airport to smuggle party drugs into the Capital. Pseudoephedrine used to be the most popular drug, but now, with the help of scientists, traffickers keep on changing the composition,” the official said.
NCB has also asked the airport officials to have a drug testing kit at the domestic terminal to check suspected items. Official said that they have also trained staff to profile passengers who are caught carrying drugs.