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AIIMS Bhopal to install CCTVs at hostels, academic blocks to check ragging

Purvi Jain, Bhopal: The AIIMS Bhopal administration will install a closed-circuit television (CCTV) network

covering all hostels and academic blocks in the wake of a ragging complaint by junior students on Sunday.
Six first-year male students were shifted out of the campus by the AIIMS administration on Monday. This was after a group of junior students complained that five seniors were harassing them, and alleged the administration turned a blind eye to their complaints.
AIIMS dean Balakrishnan S confirmed the decision to install CCTV cameras. “I am not authorized to talk (on the matter), but CCTV cameras will be installed for better surveillance in hostels and academic blocks,” he said. The hospital block is already under CCTV surveillance.
Though an anti-ragging committee is probing the matter, police ruled out the possibilities of ragging. After prima facie investigation, police said it was a case of conflict between two groups of students, and the junior students were trying to present it as a case of ragging.
Both groups of students are ruing the lack of adequate infrastructure, including surveillance system, in the institute. “If there were CCTV cameras, our points would have been proven… Junior students have earlier fabricated cases too and threatened us after complaining to the anti-ragging committee. The lack of basic infrastructure will damage the reputation of this institute further,” a senior student said.
A junior student rued the absence of a proper set-up where complaints could be lodged. “There is no complaint system…We had to run out of the institute because there was no evidence to prove the ragging incidents,” he said

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