CNG, PNG to cost less in Gurgaon from today

Ipsita Pati, Gurgaon: The Haryana City Gas Distribution Limited (HCGDL) announced on Monday a Rs 1.45

decrease per kg in compressed natural gas prices and Rs 1.15 decrease per standard cubic meters (Sm3) in piped natural gas rates in Gurgaon.
Compressed natural gas (CNG) will now cost Rs 40.40 per kg and piped natural gas (PNG) will be supplied at Rs 24.35 per Sm3.
CNG is primarily used as fuel for vehicles and PNG is used as cooking fuel.
The new rates will come into effect from 6am on Tuesday. The revision comes after Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), which is the supplier for gas to HCGDL, reduced its rates.
“As the rates are slashed by the IGL, we also decided to lower the price in the city,” Satish Chopra, managing director of HCGDL — the sole supplier of CNG and PNG in Haryana — said.
The HCGDL supplies PNG to various high-rises in sectors 56, 57, 43 and some other condominiums along the Golf Course Road.The city consumes 6,500 Sm3 of PNG every day.
By end of 2017, the company will be able to connect the Gurgaon-Manesar customers with a projected sales volume of more than 2,00,000 Sm3 of PNG per day. This is equivalent to replacing 2,00,000 liters of diesel usage per day and reducing the pollution levels. In order to reach the target, the HCGDL is going to expand its pipeline network for industrial customers by more than 50 kilometres.
Even though there are 60,000 CNG vehicles in Gurgaon, the city has only 12 CNG stations with a total production capacity of 85,000 kg per day against the daily demand of 1 lakh kg per day.
With a view to lower the pressure on the existing CNG pumps, the firm is planning to open four new stations in sectors 49, 37 and 52 by the end of October. The firm had set up five CNG stations last year. The 12 CNG stations are located in sectors 44, 53, 62, 31, 57, 29, 15 , 22, 86, 89, 14 (in IOCL petrol pump) and at the bus depot.