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Pakistan should ‘counter-threaten’ India, says Pervez Musharraf

PTI, Washington: Former Pakistan President and army ex-chief Pervez Musharraf, the architect of the Kargil

aggression in 1999, has said he would have “counter-threatened” India in response to the strong statements by Indian leaders following a terror attack on an Indian Army camp in Uri.
“I would be counter-threatening India,” the retired general said in response to a question while speaking at the Washington Ideas Forum on Thursday.
The 73-year-old former Pakistani military dictator was referring to the statements made by Indian leaders and military officials after the Uri terror attack on September 18.
Asked about his suggestion of “counter-threatening”, Musharraf said, “Yes, because they are threatening us that they are going to strike us at the time and place of their choosing. Now, this has been said by nobody less than Prime Minister, Defence Minister and the military general, the director general military operations.
“This is a very serious matter,” Musharraf, said, adding that threats like “striking at the time and place of choosing” should not be made.
“What will Pakistan do? Obviously, we will strike at the time and place of our choosing,” he said.
“That will escalate the war. So don’t do it. I think the war hysteria that is being created in India, I repeat, India, not in Pakistan, is an issue. They do that always. This is not the only time. Every time they do that,” he alleged.

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