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International Chhole Bhature Day: Divided by cultures yet united by the love for ‘C Bats’

Ruchika Garg,New Delhi: Talk of October 2, and the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that it is the day when

two great leaders Gandhi ji and Lal Bahadur Shastri were born. But not many know that it is also the International Chhole Bhature Day.
No prize for guessing that the day was started by a Delhiite, Shashank Aggarwal. A typical Delhi boy who loves his plate of chole bhature, in 2012, decided to celebrate his favourite dish. And many across the globe joined him. “Delhi is famous for its chhole bhature, koi bhi kahi se bhi aaye, chhole bhature jarur kha ke jaata hai. So I thought of dedicating a day to this dish. This October we are celebrating the fourth year of International Chhole Bhature Day,” says Aggarwal.Aggarwal chose social media to spread the word about this foodilicious initiative. He started Facebook pages and blogs to connect food enthusiasts from around the world. “I started several blogs, threads, and wrote to many Facebook food communities to spread the word about Chhole Bhature Day. The love for food has brought together about 1 lakh people on these social networking platforms and every year, they share pictures of themselves gorging the dish. No matter where they are, they click pictures eating chole bhatures and share with other foodies.”
This virtual eat up has global participants. “It’s an internationally loved dish. Last year, the food lovers from Los Angeles, New Zealand, Singapore and Sweden posted their pictures. Humare chhole bhature puri duniya mein famous ho rahe hain.”
One may wonder why they chose Gandhi Jayanti for something so far removed from the man and Anuradha Gupta, the co-founder, says that it is for the simple reason that the day is a holiday. “It’s a national holiday and as people eat out on chhuttis, we thought that it was the perfect day for something like this,” says Gupta.

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