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Where do Gandhi’s Values stand today?

Being an India, the first name that is heard amongst the freedom fighters and national heroes, when starting to make sense of our academia, is the name of Mahatma Gandhi. The work and the inspiring life of this extraordinary man became an ideal and role icons not only for Indians but also for the whole world. Today we will not discuss whether as a person Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Bapu was a good man or bad. Gandhi played a crucial part in India’s independence and brought it up as a mature nation on the international platform. Along with the independence, he gave India its very first lessons of non-violence, tolerance, Satyagraha, the Quit India Movement, the Dandi March, and of belief in one’s own faith. His thoughts and ideas were unique. The philosophy of his life, his thoughts, ideas, his vision of life and wisdom is known as Gandhism. Every year nation celebrates Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October on the occasion of Gandhi’s birthday.

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Let’s talk about Gandhism. The first principle of Ghandism is “Ahimsa or Non-Violence”. But it seems like non-violence is no longer fit with our Indian environment. The growing menace of international terrorism, border insecurity, religious wars etc leads our country towards violence. His next philosophy was the truth which is also might seem to have lost its grounds in today’s modern context. The one of the strongest principle of Gandhian value which guided all his thoughts and activities is the complete unity and integrity of body, mind, and soul in the individual human being. He was never tired of saying that the body should be controlled by the mind and the mind by the soul. He attached to physical health and well-being as much importance as to plain and logical thinking or moral responsibility. And another strong principle of Gandhian philosophy is, “All social action should be governed by the same simple set of moral values, of which the main elements are selflessness, non-attachment, nonviolence and active service.” So, if we sum up his principles we can say Ahimsa or non-violence by riding oneself of anger, obsession, and destructive impulses, Being cooperative and participative rather than competitive in life, Controlling of senses, thoughts and actions and subscribing for the truth of ethics, Detesting hypocrisy in organised religions, Empowerment through self-reliance and being self-sufficient are the main wisdom and his vision of life.
His strong willpower, high thinking, and simple living made him a revered leader of India. And he is honored as “the father of Nation”. Now, the question is nation celebrates Gandhi Jayanti every year but where do his values stand today?

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