Who mailed the suicides notes? CCTV footage holds answers to Bansals’ deaths

Karn Pratap Singh, New Delhi: The Delhi Police are yet to look at the CCTV footage that could help identify the

two men who mailed to media houses the “suicide notes” left behind by a former government official and his son, blaming the CBI for their deaths, HT has found.
BK Bansal, arrested by the CBI in a corruption case, and his son Yogesh were on September 27 found hanging from ceiling fans in their east Delhi home. His wife and daughter had killed themselves a few days after Bansal was arrested in July.
The CBI has come in for criticism over its handling of the case and rights bodies have sought reply on the allegations made in the suicide notes.
“Who delivered the notes, why, and on whose instructions has nothing to do with our inquest proceeding,” a senior police officer said, refusing to be identified. He said their job was to ascertain if the Bansals committed suicide or were murdered.
The men could be a crucial link in the case as original suicide notes have not been found though the envelopes bore BK Bansal’s name as the sender.
Photocopies of the handwritten notes, which were also mailed to offices of the CBI and nine media houses, found in the house named five agency officers and said they tortured and humiliated them.
Two men had come to Kalka Enterprises, a courier service in east Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar, to get the letters posted. The two men can be seen in the CCTV but the police are yet to identify them.
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The courier firm’s zonal security officer Surendra Dagar said he spoke to investigating officer Sanjay Kumar and requested him to collect the footage.
“The IO asked me to keep the footage, saying they would collect it if required in the future,” Dagar told HT. Sub-inspector Kumar denied he was the person that Dagar spoke to.
The two men brought the letters at around 10am, he said, an hour after Bansal and his son were found hanging by their domestic help.
“The initial autopsy reports confirmed that Bansal and his family members died due to hanging. It’s an open and shut case of suicide,” the police officer said.
HT on Friday visited Kalka Enterprises office. Owner Randhir Kumar Singh and his employee Shubham, who collected the envelopes from the men, said the two were aged between 25 and 30.
“A plump man wearing a yellow T-shirt asked me about the fastest way to deliver the nine envelopes. They agreed to pay R1, 020 when we said the letters would be delivered by Wednesday morning,” said Shubham.
A former director general with the ministry of corporate affairs, Bansal was arrested by the CBI in a corruption case on July 16.