Whenever marriage happens, everyone will get to know: Ssharad Malhotraa

Actor Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is happily married to actor Vivek Dahiya and one often comes across their lovey dovey posts on social media. Divyanka’s July wedding has brought much focus on her ex-boyfriend, Ssharad Malhotraa’s personal life, with the actor admitting that he, too, has moved on with actor Pooja Bisht.

However, ask him about his wedding plans and Ssharad says that he’s in no mood for marriage and would concentrate on his career right now.
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“So many people have asked me this question but right now I am just taking it easy. I am working 24 hours and I get just one hour for myself. Whenever marriage happens, everyone will get to know. It requires time to tie the knot. It’s not about giving it a day or two. You have to plan things and work it out,” says Malhotraa.
The actor is currently doing a standup comedy show after dedicating almost a decade to fiction shows. “For me it was about getting out of my zone and challenging myself. After some years of doing fiction shows it is very natural for stagnancy to creep into your mind and you want to do something different,” he says.
However, he does accept that audience’s craving for fresh content has brought about change in the television industry. “A lot of new people and shows are coming in. I have seen tons of actors pouring in the industry. It’s all about tapping in the opportunity which artists are doing. Audience is so stressed after a tough day that they want to watch only good content on television and this demand is encouraging show makers to come up with something new,” he says.