Fashion icon Yuvraj Singh feels he needs to work on his dressing sense

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh is known to be stylish both on and off the field. If he can slam six sixes in an over, he can also totally burn the dance floor at an after party post match. Which is why when he conceptualised Yuvraj Singh Foundation, he also decided to start a fashion label to further nurture YouWeCan’s philanthropic endeavours.

Though he has a very packed schedule, in between practise and matches, he makes time to indulge in one of his favourite activities.
“I have always been a shopaholic, for as far as I can remember — I’ve always loved clothes. I have spent so much time just trying to figure out how they’re manufactured and now I value everything more. Earlier, I would just be careless with my clothes but now I make it a point to neatly fold them and put them back in place,” he says.
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Quiz him about his style statement and Yuvi says, “Fashion is constantly evolving.” Though he does know that he is considered to be a youth fashion icon, he still thinks he has a long way to go as far as his dressing sense is concerned.
“I think I am getting there. It (fashion) has evolved over the years but I don’t want to look back to the 2000s. But I am most comfortable in a fitted t-shirt, denims, a jacket and a smart pair of shoes/sneakers. You can never go wrong with this combination,” says Yuvi whose fashion icon is former English footballer, David Beckham. “He is always well turned out. Bechkam has definitely gotten only better with time,” Yuvi adds.