Sunny Deol is looking for a Delhi girl for his son Karan’s Bollywood debut

Actor Sunny Deol is once again donning the director’s hat, and this time he is all set to launch his son Karan Deol as the hero. While all eyes are on this star kid making his Bollywood debut, Deols are going to start a mega hunt today for the leading lady to star opposite junior Deol. And they are looking for a Delhi girl.

On why they chose Delhi and not any other city, Sunny shares, “The role of the lead actress in the film is based in Delhi. Hence I decided to cast someone from Delhi itself. This way, the girl will be much more familiar with the character she is playing. She will also be able to add her own unique touch to her role.
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Stating that his priority is a “Delhi girl” and that’s why they have this mega talent hunt, the 58-year-old actor adds, “I trust the talent in Delhi and am sure will get Karan’s “Leading Lady” with the help of this campaign.”

Star kid Karan Deol will be soon making his Bollywood debut in a film directed by his dad Sunny Deol.

Besides the fact that the girl has to be from Delhi, she is to be aged between 16-20 years and should have finished her schooling. “I believe the youngsters are very enthusiastic and high spirited nowadays and that’s exactly what I am looking for! My team and I, are extremely excited for this one,” says the action hero.
Tight-lipped on divulging details about the film, which is tentatively titled, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, he quips, “It’s too early to talk about the film, but the genre of the film is romantic.”
Sunny Deol along with his casting team will be visiting the capital city to make an official announcement about the hunt and they will also interact with young girls and find the right match for Karan. Indeed a chance of a lifetime for Delhi girls to embark on their Bollywood journey.