Put an end to rumours on Jayalalithaa’s health: Karunanidhi to govt

PTI, Chennai: DMK president M Karunanidhi urged the Tamil Nadu government on Friday to “put an end to

rumours” regarding the health of AIADMK chief and chief minister Jayalalithaa by providing proper information to the people, while wishing his arch rival a speedy recovery.
“As I had already mentioned, though I differ with her ideologically, it is my desire that she recovers soon and takes up official duties as usual,” he said and wished her a speedy recovery.
Karunanidhi said although the Apollo Hospital, where the CM is recuperating from fever and dehydration, was issuing bulletins about her health, “some unwanted rumours” were deliberately being floated by “some persons.”
“Some persons are spreading unwanted rumours about her health on the social media and to put an end to these, proper information about the Chief Minister’s health must be made available to the people,” he said in a statement.
Karunanidhi suggested that photographs of the chief minister be released through the media to quell any kind of rumours being circulated about her health.
Jayalalithaa (68) was admitted to the hospital on September 22 after she complained of fever and dehydration.
She has been advised to stay at the hospital for a few days.