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Annual dance extravaganza: A fusion of classical and contemporary

New Delhi: In 12th century AD, a Buddhist monk with the might of his powers enabled his soul to enter another

body. In 1969, soon after Kuchipudi exponent Raja Reddy took to choreography, he represented the tale of Bhagavad Ajjukeeyam in his act on stage. This year, he is bringing back the same story for the Capital, as part of Parampara Series National Festival of Dance and Music 2016.
Organised by Natya Tarangini, the three-day festival will see performances by artists from across India. Kaushalya Reddy, organiser and Kuchipudi-dancer says, “This is the 20th edition of Parampara Series. When we hand-pick artists for this annual festival, we try to bring the best to Delhi… after all it’s the masters of the art who touch the pulse of rasiks.”The performance by Raja and Radha Reddy along with their disciples will kick-start the festival. “Kuchipudi is a combination of theatre and temple dance,” says Raja Reddy. Elaborating about his act, Reddy adds, “Whatever we see in our real life, we can present on the stage. Indian classical dances are not bound by any languages. That is why we are presenting this story of the Buddhist monk who transfers his soul from his body to another.”The day one itinerary has performances by D Srinivas, D Sesha Chary and D Raghava Chary, who will render veena and carnatic vocal. This will be followed by a Manipuri recital by Lokendrajit Singh from Imphal and Hindustani flute recital by Ronu Mazumdar. On the final day, a Hindustani vocal recital by Kaushiki Chakraborty will take place along with a contemporary dance performance titled Cosmic Dance of Shiva by Samudra Group from Kerala.
“Every traditional dnace form explores Shiva dancing in the universe,” says Madhu Gopinath, co-director, Samudra Group. He adds, “We try to bring a different interpretation of Shiva’s ardhanreeswara form – which is the union of the male and female. Shakti here is contained within Shiva.”

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