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Marvel’s Luke Cage: Ready to get into the groove for Netflix’s new superhero?

New Delhi: Luke Cage, the latest in Netflix’s Marvel superhero series, following Daredevil and Jessica Jones,

premieres Friday. And as a last-minute tease/treat, the opening title sequence of the show has been released online.What connects these Marvel shows – even more than the heroes’ hatred for bad guys – is their fantastic opening sequences. And Luke Cage is no different. What these opening sequences are traditionally meant to do is to set the tone for the story that follows. Daredevil’s was old-fashioned superhero theme with conspiracy thriller undertones and Jessica Jones’ gave more of a playful, film noir vibe.
There have already been several reports that Luke Cage is going to be like no superhero show (or movie) that we’ve seen before. The showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker, has hinted at it being an exciting mix between The Wire and blaxploitation and Hip Hop.And watching these credits, with their homage to Harlem (which is to Luke Cage what Hell’s Kitchen was to Daredevil), and the music (‘70s funk), and the subtle hints at America’s current socio-political climate (Malcolm X Bld), we get the sense that this show could be really great.
Watch this space for our review…

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