Data-friendly YouTube Go app to launch in India soon

For a while now, Google has been making major attempts to bring its services to people in countries with unstable expensive mobile internet. These efforts extend to YouTube as well, which brought us features like YouTube Offline, which allowed users to download videos over a WiFi connection and save them for a limited time. The latest addition to the data-saving party is YouTube Go.

Announced today in an official blog post, YouTube Go is a version of the YouTube app designed with data consumption optimisation in mind. Four features in particular form the backbone of the new app.

Firstly, video recommendations on the home screen display trending and popular content in your area. In addition, you can now tap on a thumbnail to trigger a preview of the video, so you can decide whether it’s worth the data to download or stream.

Speaking of which, YouTube Go also lets you view a video’s resolution and file size before you decide to save or stream. And if you’ve got a saved video you want to share with someone, you don’t need to physically show it to them or have them stream it themselves. The new app lets you share saved videos via Bluetooth, with no extra data charges.

YouTube Go will begin rolling out over the next few months in India. You can sign up here, to be notified when the app is live, though that is expected to be sometime next year.