Priyanka Chopra hosts a bash in New York City

Priyanka Chopra is quite the mover and shaker in New York’s caviar circles thanks to the overwhelming success of Quantico. The desi girl is enjoying the big league celebrity stature.

Recently she even graced the cover of the prestigious fashion bible W – a dream for many of her contemporaries. Her American TV series completed its first season early this year. And to toast the phenomenal success of the show, Piggy Chops hosted a soirée at her chic NYC apartment.

“Shooting for another season of the show has been a huge achievement for PC and the other cast members. She decided to celebrate this by inviting her co-stars for an intimate get-together at her place at the day of the show’s premiere.”

The source also adds that it was an intimate affair and she wanted to keep it simple. “She invited the cast for dinner, where continental and Indian cuisines were served along with drinks. Everyone had a whale of time.” She just wanted to have a great time with her close friends and colleagues who’ve shared her world canvas in this eventful journey.